International investor network in Europe

Seton Services Ltd. offers international small-cap companies access to all aspects of financial public relations in regards to building an investor network in Europe. The company was incorporated in 1988 and has specialized in the fields of Life Science, Technology and Resources for clients whose market caps range from $40 million to $500 million. 


With extensive experience, we have found that a well organized road show is an efficient way to kick start an awareness campaign. We organize these road shows throughout Europe, where we present the companies, either through one-on-one meetings or in larger gatherings, lunches, dinners or cocktails.


We work in locations including London, Zurich, Geneva, Paris, Munich, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Brussels and Lugano, where we invite the major institutional investors with an interest in the particular industry.

We have assembled several key affiliations, among them industry analysts who can supply expertise in areas such as healthcare, medical devices, information technology, wireless communications, natural resources and media. 

Our professionals work on an in-depth basis with each company, organizing the formal and informal presentation material, coordinating the necessary software, working on speech making techniques and content, and consulting with all levels of management on creating a consistent upfront portrait. 

This enables prospective investors to have a clear and concise understanding of the company.


Media/TV/Press/Industry Shows

We are associated with several firms who specialize in Media relations, which would be helpful In getting appropriate press and TV coverage for our clients. This is especially important for Technology and Biotech companies. 

For resources companies, we can help get them entrance to the related industry shows, which takes place all over the world through out the year.

Our Services

Our services are oriented towards increasing shareholder value and helping investors discover cutting edge technology more suitable to their speculative portfolios. Seton Services Ltd. manages the investor contacts, handling telephone and email inquiries, correspondence and sending out timely information on corporate news