Seton Services Team

Seton Services Ltd. was incorporated in 1988 and works with a broad range of industries, which have included high and low technology, natural resources, franchising and distribution, and healthcare. Most of the companies are in need of re-financing or reorganization, and we work with the in-house staff assisting on such changes. Our team is multilingual, fluent in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish, and has a thorough understanding of different aspects of business culture. 


Toni Vallen

Managing Director and President of the company since 1988.  Prior to starting Seton Services, Toni worked in Private Banking, primarily in Latin America.

She was Vice President for Manufacturers Hanover (International Private Banking Department), and also worked for Citicorp (Latin American Department, Private Banking) and the Mexican Government for one year, establishing a U.S. representative office for the Public Works Bank (Banobras).  She studied in Chicago, Illinois, at Northwestern University and in New York City, Fordham University (MBA). Toni was brought up bilingual French-English, and also speaks fluent Spanish and Italian. 


Myriam Sarzosa 

Myriam Sarzosa LL was born in Quito, Ecuador. She studied mathematics and statistics at the University Central of Ecuador, and is fluent in English and Spanish.

She has worked as Executive Secretary for a number of years, and in the UK since 1991. Myriam has been with Seton Services since 2006, working as executive assistant . Myriam also handles all IT and technology related work. In addition, has competence in book keeping and keeps all accounts for the company, coordinating directly with the accountants.


Bruno Baillavoine

Director Founding Partner and Chairman of Globomass Holdings Ltd. A company developing biomass technology in Serbia, Asia and the US.  

On the Board of CleanBay Inc. A company responsible for the development process from project to long-term operation of electricity, nutrient recovery and production of fertiliser plants in the US. Independent Director on Board of Cel-Sci Corporation, a NYSE Company focused on finding the best way to activate the immune system to fight cancer and infectious diseases. Conducting largest global clinical trial ever of its kind.  Advisor to Pericles Group the Paris based leading French consulting firm in the field of Banking, Finance, Asset Management with over 300 clients and 1000 assignments.